My work as a solicitor often involves long hours, and is sedentary in nature. After the birth of my children, I found that I had even less time to spend on myself. As a result it was very easy to let slip regular exercise, which when couple with my love of food over a number of years resulted in a very out of shape body.

My first kettlebell session with Will from Vita Fitness came as a shock to the system. With Will’s professional guidance and encouragement I stuck to a weekly regime, and very soon I was seeing improvements, not only during the sessions themselves, but throughout the week. I move easier. I have more stamina, balance and all round energy.

I have also seen a marked improvement in my physical performance and feel great. All this after only four months. There is no reverting back to how I was before, and I will be continuing with Vita fitness. Will’s knowledge of his subject and ability to keep me motivated and pushing myself mean I have no hesitation in recommending him whole heartedly.

Yours sincerely

Douglas MacDuff