Sophie Jackson

I started training with Will when I was forced to cut down on running due to a knee injury. Will has managed to train around that, improving my overall fitness and making my legs strong enough to allow me to run 10k races without doing many training runs at all.

Will keeps our sessions varied with boxing and kettlebells. I have attended various boxing classes previously but one-to-one training with Will has improved my boxing technique considerably. I also bought a kettlebell as it’s convenient to use at home, and Will has taught me so much that I can structure my own sessions.

I love Will’s no-nonsense attitude – though he just about puts up with my (mild) fear of worms. I’ve trained with a few personal trainers before, with within a gym and out, and have found that I enjoy the workouts but I don’t truly understand what – or why – I’m doing those particular exercises. Will takes the time to explain that, so he’s also improving my knowledge as well.