I’ve been working with Will for around seven years now. Initially I was drawn to his strong knowledge base around kettlebells and this has resulted in me developing good technique. However in addition to this great knowledge and teaching style, Will has amazing values as a coach and as a trainer. He has a great sense of the right workload and mix of techniques for any given session, always respecting your limits, including those days where work and life have already taken a bit more out of you than they should. Moreover, we don’t go to failure…we always stop when I still have one rep left in me and this has been one of the greatest training lessons I’ve ever received.

Several times Will has patiently helped me come back from injury and I’m pleased to say that I’ve come back stronger each time. I have a desk job and I do a lot of travel. I don’t always take care of myself and in my mid forties I have various minor injuries that are always looking for an excuse to cause me discomfort. Will is a great proponent of the “park bench” workout. That level of workout that keeps me moving and that if it was all I ever did between now and old age, it would be perfect. I’m no longer trying to pretend I need to train like an olympian and thankfully Will doesn’t let me!

One of the biggest surprises for me has been the mental resilience that I’ve taken from the sessions with Will…it crosses over into all other aspects of my life. As I often say to people, “if you can swing a bell, you can swing a colleague!” I am now swinging heavier and with better technique than at any other time in my life and I’m still learning and I’m still getting stronger. I find modern life, both at home and in the workplace can be relentless. As I grow stronger with kettlebells, it does seem to mirror successes in these other areas.