Sue Beamish 2

I thought I was reasonably fit, until I met Will! I keep active to keep fit for skiing. A friend at the gym recommended Will as he offers ski fitness training sessions. As he is Ski Instructor as well as a Personal Trainer, I felt a few training sessions with him would be ideal for me, as I have done the same sort of exercise for a few years now and was on a plateau.  After seeing a couple of video’s of me skiing, Will knew exactly how he could help improve my whole skiing experience by getting me stronger in my legs, improving flexibility & movement & balance. I initially booked 6 sessions. I had never done personal training before, so it took me a couple of sessions to ‘get into it’, so I booked 3 extra.
With the use of a kettle bell, the Bosu and Will’s extensive knowledge of different types of exercise techniques  inflicting pain & seems like torture, working in the anaerobic zone (I mean that in the nicest possible way, but that is how it feels)!  I have now completed 9 sessions, resulting in in my fitness going to the next level I feel. Will took me completely out of my comfort zone,(but I felt safe) making me work the hardest I ever have in exercise, resulting in a huge improvement in my strength, flexibility, movement & balance. I am a great believer in ‘you get out of something what you put in’ If you are prepared to put the effort in, you will only get the best results working with Will. The sessions are definitely value for money. Will is very professional, enthusiastic and just wants you to get the best out of your work out. I can’t wait to hit the slopes in January to see just how far I have come & the results of Will’s ski fitness sessions, which have been awesome. I’m so glad I have done them and look forward to working with Will again in the future.
Sue Beamish